Rockin R Farms Daily Passes

GOOD - $6.00

Jump Pad
Petting Zoo
Barrel Train Ride - one trip
BETTER - $8.00    
Playground with Jump Pad
Petting Zoo
Barrell Train ride - one trip
Hayrack Ride  - one trip    
Corn Maze - one trip
BEST - $10.00    
Playground with Jump Pad
Petting Zoo with 1 cup of animal feed    
Barrel Train - unlimited
Hayrack ride - unlimited    
Corn Maze - unlimited  
Corn Hole Game    
Horseshoe Game    


Add Ons to Daily Pass


Hay Rack ride - $0.50 Animal Feed - $0.50 Wagon Rental - $1.00 - no charge with pumpkins
Barrel Train - $0.50 Corn Hole Game - $2.00 Pick Your Own Pumpkins - $0.50 per pound
Horse Shoe Game - $2.00 Pre Picked Pumpkins - $0.75 per pound


There are also concessions. We are adding new games and attractions all the time! Be sure to watch the website and Facebook for updates!!

Can you see Kim in the corn field? Its as tall as she is!!